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Floor Standing with Cooling Cabinet: water

Tall design with a refrigerator cabinet.
Ideal for Office cafeterias, clinics & semi-commercial establishments

Floor Standing: water

Compact tall design without refrigerator cabinet.
Ideal for commercial & semi-commercial spaces or places which have a separate refrigerator facility

Table Top: water

Perfect for places with space constraints. Can be easily kept on kitchen cabinet or a raised platform
Ideal for Homes

Double Xtra-Large (XXL): water

For places where the requirement for cold water is extremely high
Ideal for up to 750 to 850 users/hour

Xtra-Large (XL): water

For places where the requirement for cold water is moderately high
Ideal for up to 200 to 300 users/hour

Large (L): water

For places where the requirement for cold water is normal
Ideal for up to 100 to 200 users/hour


Usha 2 in 1

Usha 2 in 1

Hybrid Water Coolers

The water cooler can be used both for residential use and for small commercial set-up.

It can be used with a bubble top (bottle on the top) wherever plumbing connection is not possible

The same unit can also be used without a bubble top (bottle on the top) and can be moved to any location wherever plumbing provision is not available


floor standing

Floor Standing Water Dispenser

These dispensers are suitable for commercial and semi-commercial spaces. Its compact design saves space and can be accommodated easily.

table top

Table Top Water Dispenser

Table top dispensers are mainly used at places with restricted space. They are small in size and can be kept on the platform or over the counter for comfortable usage.

Floor Standing with Storage Cabinet

Floor Standing with Storage Cabinet Water Dispenser

These dispensers come with an added feature of a cooling cabinet where necessary items can be stored in a cool place. This eliminates the need of a separate refrigerator. Its compact design saves space thus making it easy to be installed at places with space restriction. They are used mainly at office cafeterias, clinics and other semi-commercial establishments

water cooler

Double Xtra Large (XXL) Water Coolers

These water coolers are primarily required at commercial establishments with high demand and frequency of water usage. These places could be - large schools, religious public places, commercial complex etc.

water cooler

Xtra Large (XL) Water Coolers

Water coolers with such capacities are used more at the mid-size commercial set-ups like schools, educational institutes, housing societies, office premises etc.

Large (L)

Large (L) Water Coolers

The water coolers in this capacity can be used for commercial as well as residential set-up. They are useful for small establishments where the demand for the cold water is not very high.